Thursday, December 2, 2010

X'mas present For X'mas Day !!!

Some of us may have notice that there's a facebook page of our Blog:

Now there are exactly 50 likes >_<>

I wonder where our members are from. I know there are no less than five countries but.. come on, let's tell each other where we are in this same big world!!

Now we've already got 9 countries from 11 users , including Thailand, my homeland.

The rule is as easy as state where you are from under that post [comment] and I'll count the number of each country's members. One user for one point.
Do NOT post your country twice. Otherwise, you are automatically disqualified.
One only condition is that the post must come from a member who LIKES the page.

ONE random member of the highest score's country will receive a present.
The present could be anything, I'll decide about that later.
It could be a digimon Pendulum Progress 2.0, Digimon Cycle, a Huge Tamagotchi or even a Digivice 2.5!

The prize value depends on the total number of users of the winning country.

You may start posting comment of your country from 1-24 December 2010.
Deadline is 00:00 of 25th Decamber 2010, my local time [GMT+7].

So have fun everyone, until then! ;)




NIB Bandai Digivice D-3 version 2 [JP] - white-blue

NIB Bandai Digivice D-3 [EN] - red | $1xx, plz offer

NIB Bandai Digimon Pendulum 4.5 [1 available] transparent green- $ 95 shipped
- the digimon with Black frame is sold

SOLD USED Bandai Digimon Pendulum Zero [virus buster] - a little tear on box, see pic

Set of Digimon Original V-Pet version 1-6 | Price $450 shipped


English Version: 1*, 6**
Japanese Version: 2, 3, 4, 5

* version 1's screen has some blur pixels
- buyer may replace it with some other used JP v-pet 1 for sale
** version 6's key chain is broken