Monday, September 27, 2010

New stock arrives! | 10-09-27

- digimon pendulum cycle. Ver.9 - transparent black& transparent red $27
- digimon pendulum 4.5 (wind guardian) - transparent green
- d-scanner version 1.0 - red, black (reserved)
- digimon mini version 1 - red, blue $32

Price is net., with shipping included. :D

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Please note that items are checked that they are in working condition before shipment.

Some items like Digimon Cycle, Digimon Mini,or other plastic-sealed package are not opened for checking as I don't wanna spoil them.

The items which are checked are those in paper box, on cardboard back or in packages that are sealed with plastic tape [Japanese Version]

However, in some exceptional cases [Pendulum Progress, mini ,etc], items might not be checked and shipped unopened [unless further inquire]

Please understand my point as I would like to prevent all claims or reports of broken items.