Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Digimon pendulum 5 and zero + D-power ,etc 07-07-10

D-power (d-arc in english) takato ultimate version
Digimon pendulum zero (virus buster) with manual
Digimon pendulum 5 (metal empire)

D-power = $32 shipping included SOLD OUT

Pendulum zero = $130 shipping included SOLD

Pendulum 5 = $60 shipping included SOLD

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M o r e i t e m s a d d ed

Pokemon Pocket Pikachu new in box with manual
Digivice Data Link two colors - blue&orange pre-owned, nice!

Pocket Pikachu = $45 shipping included

Digivice Datalink = $45 for 2 [blue+orange] shipping included

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