Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Digivice 2.5

ready for shipment!

- E M S shipping add $15 -

Up for sale is a digivice 2.5 from Digital Monster (Digimon) season 1



Please Read our NOTE & Information Carefully

All purchases will be shipped as registered airmail (small packet)
Add $15 for Express Service Mail (EMS) - Fast, Secured and Reliable -

Please Note:

1. Item may attract taxes/levies/duties depending on each destination country. Buyer is responsible for those customs fees (if any).

2. Since the toys were produced over a decade ago, battery oxidation may occur in a very few cases (reported once among hundreds of sales).
Please understand that we cannot check nor prevent it as the items are factory sealed.
In case of oxidation, you can simply rub off the oxidation layer and install new pair of batteries. This should solve the problem.

3. Upon purchasing this item, buyer must agree that in case of dead on arrival (DOA), seller reserves the right whether to accept return, refund and/or send replacement for the item.
This is depending from case to case as the items were produced a dozen of years ago and are kept originally factory-sealed along the time.

DOA is rare but possible.
It is strongly suggested that buyer request 'Quality Check' before shipment to avoid DOA. Please send us a note during or right after your purchase that you want QC before we ship.
Otherwise, item will be shipped as factory sealed and unchecked. We hold no responsibility in case of DOA if buyer does not ask for our QC.
Please mark that QC means that your item will be unpacked. The device will be turned on and tested for a few minutes before shipment.

However, DOA case is very rare. Only a few out of one hundred items are reported.

Available in BLUE PURPLE SILVER YELLOW GREEN and Glow-in-the-Dark


This Item is guaranteed a genuine version made by BANDAI around a dozen of years ago.

Bootleg version can be sold for less than $20... don't waste your money buying fake products.

Here we sell original items!!!

Digivice's price varies according to types, versions and colors. Queries are welcome and I will try to answer all Q. asap.

1. __Q: What version is this digivice, English or Japanese?
____A: Digivice 2.5 are all in English. I sometimes provide Japanese Digivice.
2.__Q: What are the differences between 1.0, 2, and 2.5?
____A: As long as I know, Digivice 1.0 contains a cat-like digimon, , while other ones do not[they have a dog-like digimon].
______"Versions 2 and 2.5 include the Ultimate levels of the partner Digimon." (http://lcd.wtw-x.net/DigiviceUsIntro)
3. __Q: What colors do you have?
____A: Normally, there are 5 colors I have for sale: green, solid gray, blue, purple, yellow.
______However, I can't say that all colors are always available. Please check again for confirmation if your color is not listed here.
4. __Q: How long does it take to ship to my country?
____A: It depends. You might get it in a few days if your order is placed at a right time [which I cannot say exactly when]
______ or weeks if your country's customs is strict. However, normally it should take 2 weeks for the US but might be as long as 4 weeks in a rare case.
5. __Q: Do you combine shipping?
____A: Yes, I am happy to combine shipping. I offer some discount on each additional item. Some items might be excluded. Please ask for confirmation.


Friday, August 3, 2012

ALL SOLD // Digimon Digivice Season 1 [working and spoiled]

ALL SOLD, Thanks! ;)





Digimon Digivice 2.5

 BANDAI Digimon Digivice season 1
Model: Digivice 2.5
Color: transparent blue
Condition: like new, good working
Quantity: 2

Price: $50 + $10shipping


 SPOILED / BROKEN Digivice 2.5 for cosplay or modification

BANDAI Digimon digivice season 1 - NOT functioning
For cosplay, shelf or modification purpose

These two are from DOA and in pristine outside cosmetic condition.
Fixing might be possible but requires soldering skill.

Price: $20 + $10 shipping. [take both for $50shipped]