Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm a victim of Pirated-Bootleg-Fake Digimons!!! :(

please note that the items above are BOOTLEGS

Does anyone wonder if I ever get pirated stuff among my purchases/restocks?
I sure DO! And there are quite SOME of them!

I have purchased soooooo~ many, many things from random sellers.
You cannot trust them about their digivice's authenticity unless you have seen the items yourself.
However, in doing business, I cannot go and see the item with my own eyes all the time so I need to pay first and keep my finger crossed waiting for the item to arrive, and hoping they are legitimate.

Unfortunately, not all of them are. Some sellers do not even know about their items' authenticity themselves. What a shame [and waste for my money and time] :(

Anyway, I just post the pic above to share the look of the fake products which seem pretty much like the real stuff. You may barely detect the bootleg among legit ones, not only in photo but also when they are just in front of your eyes, in your very own hands!

I have wasted some money on these copycat, however, I've learnt a lot
Can't really say if it's worth the price but I still have some parts for repairment.

Let's be optimistic ! PEACE