Sunday, April 9, 2017

Up for Sale | Digimon Pendulum 1.0 - Nature Spirits

Up for sale is BANDAI original Digimon Pendulum 1.0 - Nature Spirits 
with very own box (as seen by the numbers on the box flap and battery plate)

Pre-owned in good condition. Please notice a slight screen problem as in photo (BANDAI Logo)
Only one in stock. This item is BUY NOW option. Please click the button below and you will be redirected to paypal. Item is available upon the first-come-first-serve basis.

All sales are final We accept no return/refund, nor exchange for this item.
Item will be shipped as small packet with limited* tracking number via Thailand Post.
EMS is available upon request with extra $20 charge. Thank you for your interest!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

17-03-30 | Up for auction: Digimon v-pet version 1 (Glow in the dark)

Up for auction: Digimon v-pet version 1 (Glow in the dark)

New in open box
- tested in working condition
- box with defects as in photo
- batteries recently removed due to oxidation

Auction Closes Sunday 11:00AM Thailand's local time (GMT+7)
Highest bid is updated in the comment (could be delayed)

Price: open for offer
Shipping: US$25 (EMS worldwide)

1. Bidding Channels - Comment or PM (time evidence) - No Editing Post
2. Payment must be made within 24 hours after auction finishes. Otherwise, the next highest bidder will be offered the chance to buy.
3. All sales are final: no return, refund or exchange is accepted.
4. In case of discrepancies, the decision of page owner shall be final. 


Highest Bid: $270 (from Malaysia) @ 11:47 28/03/17

I decided to update the current bid in this comment so that everyone can see how it is going. Good luck bidding!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Digimon Digivice Season One (D2) version 1, 2, 2.5

Digimon Digivice Season One (D2)

Available in
- Transparent black (version 2) - $90 // 2400บาท
- Transparent Aqua (version 1) - $90 // 2400บาท
- Glow-in-the-dark (version 2.5***) - $85 // 2100บาท

*** Usually the glow version is written as version 2 on its package. This one is a special case. I'm not sure if its mainboard was switched with a version 2.5 or it originally is a version 2.5. However, please be notified that this glow-in-the-dark's system is "version 2.5" and NOT "version 2."

- Digimoniac - Digivice Season 1 (D2) first version in Transparent Aqua

- Digimoniac - Digivice Season 1 (D2) version 2 in Transparent black

- Digimoniac - Digivice Season 1 (D2) version 2.5*** in Glow-in-the-dark

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Digimon Digivice D-Ark & D2

Digimoniac - Digimon Digivice D-ark version 1 Red
- Digimoniac - ภาษาไทย Digivice Season 1 (D2) first version in Blue (sold)
- Digimoniac - Digivice Season 1 (D2) first version in Orange (sold)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bandai is launching a remade version of Digivice season 1 of Taichi's (orange) & Yamato's (blue) versions!