Friday, February 17, 2012

Web Check-out system for February 2012



V_PET version 1-2 (JP)



D3 (JP)

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Digimon Mini ver.1 - Gray



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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warning for Digivice buyers!!

This post is published merely to warn digimon fans and collectors who are looking to buy Digivice off the internet.

I notice that there are people who sell digivice, especially the first season, on the internet claiming that their Digivice is originally authentic made by Bandai.

Regardless of the price, I highly recommend that you check it thoroughly that the seller is reliable. There are high chances that you buy non-original or fake BANDAI stuff off the internet.
The first reason is that you do not have the chance to see the real item. Even if you see it, it is not easy to say when your item is still sealed in package.
Another reason might be the sellers' fault. They might not intend to trick you but many sellers, I can say, are not used to digimon digivice products enough and cannot differentiate original and non-original items.

As a seller with years of experience in digimon digivice products, I can say that I have also been victim of fake items for times. Sometimes it is easy but many times it is hard to distinguish the products' originality unless I have my hands on the digivice. The packaging of a bootleg version can be 99.99% similar to the original version that there is no way to judge its authenticity.

When I mentioned the price above that was because I saw some Digivice listed at an incredible price somewhere on the internet. The would not cause me worry if only it was not a BOOTLEG version and somebody bought it.

I am sorry I cannot say where or who or what version that thing was but all I can do is to warn you guys to make sure of where you buy your Digivice. I know the broken-hearted feeling when it turns out that your digivice is not original. What is worse and I am most scared of is the incident that both seller and buyer do not know that the item is fake. I hope such tragedy would not happen to our fans who come across this blog reading this post. Good luck to you all in buying/trading/collecting Digivice - PEACE! ;D

ps. believe it or not, all items in the picture below are BOOTLEGs!?!
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