Saturday, July 10, 2010

D-arc NIB + Digivice 2.5 | 10-07-10

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D-Arc [Japanese version] Brand new in box [with card]
Price: $90 [shipping included] (buying in eBay please add $10, thanks!)


Digivice 2.5
Available in 5 colors: blue, purple, gray, yellow, green

Price for blue, purple, gray: $90 [shipping included] (buying in eBay please add $10, thanks!)

Price for yellow, green: $135 [shipping included] (buying in eBay please add $10, thanks!)
(the shipping price included is for large envelope, for strong box please add $5)

Blue & Purple & Gray Digivice 2.5 - Check Out Here

Types of package

Yellow & Green Digivice 2.5 - Check Out Here

[Remaining Stock: 1
Yellow & 2 Green]

Types of package

1. __Q: What version is this digivice, English or Japanese?
____A: Digivice 2.5 are all in English. I sometimes have Japanese Digivice for sale.

2.__Q: What are the differences between 1.0, 2, and 2.5?
____A: As long as I know, Digivice 1.0 contains a cat-like digimon, , while other ones do not[they have a dog-like digimon].
______"Versions 2 and 2.5 include the Ultimate levels of the partner Digimon." (

3. __Q: What colors do you have?
____A: Normally, there are 5 colors I have for sale: green, solid gray, blue, purple, yellow.
______However, I can't say that all colors are always available. Please check again for confirmation if your color is not listed here.

4. __Q: How long does it take to ship to my country?
____A: It depends. You might get it in a few days if your order is placed at a right time [which I cannot say exactly when]
______ or weeks if your country's customs is strict. However, normally it should take 2 weeks for the US but might be as long as 4 weeks in a rare case.

5. __Q: Do you combine shipping?
____A: Yes, I am happy to combine shipping. I offer 50% off usual shipping price on each additional item. Some items might be excluded. Please ask for confirmation.


Shipping options
1. Shipped in a big BUBBLE ENVELOPE - your item will be protected inside bubbles BUT its package may, or may not, have bend or be folded.
2. Shipped in a strong BOX - need not worry about damage on your package unless some post officer really have abused your parcel :P

No matter which option is chosen, I guarantee your item will be packed as best possible.