Thursday, November 11, 2010

10-11-11 Finally finished replying mails

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I just finished replying emails received during the last few weeks.

sorry to have kept you all waiting as school has just opened and I hardly have time to check my inbox.

If your email is not replied, that may be because I have accidentally deleted it or misunderstood it as a spam or junk mail.
Kindly resend your email. I need top apologize for the inconvenience and lateness.

It would be best if you include in the subject area the words like "Digimoniac" "Digimon" "Digivice" so that I can distinguish your email from spam or junk mails :)))

Thanks for always supporting me - PEACE!


and before I forget... Keep your eyes on this weekend's auction(s)
Item(s) will be listed soon!