Friday, October 8, 2010

UPDATE on 8-10-10

Auction for Glow-in-the-Dark Digivice is ending in 7 hours

Have a look! [shipping is $15] - sold for $29+15


All emails are replied [I hope]
There are a couple hundreds of emails in my inbox.
I think I have replied all [or most] of them.. took me around 2.30 hours LoL!

What I realized from this is that it would be much appreciated if you could set the subject with [Digimon] or [Digimoniac] or [Digivice]
Since there are sooooo~ many emails coming daily. Some of them are trash or fishing.
I skipped some emails that seem so because I could not open all emails T__T

All orders up to now will be shipped out today.
Thanks for your interest, support, patience and understanding!

Please understand that some of emails ask about the same items.
please understand that when you ask about it again, the item(s) might not be available at that time as others might have purchased it during the time from when I replied and you send back.

The items in this case are V-pet and mini for example.



V-pet 1
Good package condition, NIB - yellow, gray
Perfect package condition, NIB - brown, gray, red
Used - blue, .....

Acceptable package condition - black
Perfect package condition, NIB - white, transparent

V-pet3 - purple

Mini version 1
NIB red: 2
NIB blue: 1
used gray: 1
used red: 2

Pendulum Progress 2 [Armageddon Army]: x [0-white, 0-blue] ETA 18/10/10

Digivice 2.5
purple - out of stock
blue - 1
silver / gray - 1
yellow - 1
green - 2

Digivice 2 [glow-in-the-dark] - 2

ปล. พูดไทยได้นะคะ ถ้าเป็นคนไทย ติดต่อภาษาไทยได้จ้า =_= ราคาของเรทเงินบาทสอบถามได้ค่ะ